Karthik Dinakar

I am a graduate student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

In a previous life, I was at Carnegie Mellon University and even before that, at Yahoo R&D and Deutsche Bank.

I am perpetually prone to crazy and often grand ideas, and I spend a lot of time trying to understand myself better. I am, as a function of my faith and my upbringing, committed to helping children realize their natural potential, because the probability of eliciting the best out of children during their formative years is high and can be a great societal leveler in so many ways.

I have a great fondness for scripting and functional languages in general, for it has helped me code many cool things over a number of years. I deem coding and building cool products as a very pleasurable activity.

When I am not in my lab, I can be spotted jogging alongside the gorgeous Charles river. Within the past year, I discovered that I have synesthesia - the reason why numbers and days of the week are very distinct colors in mind. 🙂