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The Three Eyes
There's something extraordinary about those that love us unconditionally. We often take them for granted, but they are the ones whose kindness and sagacity protect us from harm when we are in crises. No loops of enumeration are enough, no lexicon sufficient to describe the depth and bliss of having them in our lives. I've seen this first hand, and it has given me new and deep meaning in my life and has reinforced a timeless turn of phrase - gratitude and appreciation of our parents, our siblings and our friends are what makes us, for no one ever achieved anything but for them. Read more – ‘The Three Eyes’.
Chevaliers de Sangreal
As I stood there in front of her preparing to leave her office, I was reminded so forcefully of my grandmother. I told her so, as I paused to feel the overwhelming sense of nostalgia that washed over me at that moment. She looked at me and considered me for a moment and thanked me and I realized that I was not the only person in the room who felt blinded by misty, tear filled eyes. It was an extraordinary experience, one with a great number of lessons in life. Read more – ‘Chevaliers de Sangreal’.
Love and the Indian Buffet Process
In many ways a retrospective look at our journey has redefined the concept of you in my head. I always likened you to a Dirichlet finite mixture model, where your seeming power to extract a latent underlying structure in my life made such a enormous and deep impact on my life. But recent events have made me question this assumption - that your ability to put me an trance and drive my need for you might be attached just a few of your virtues. I'm sorry, but you seem more like the Indian Buffet Process. Your uncanny knack to have the influence you do on me is attributable to a seemingly infinite set of binary features and when combined with priors over these features makes it one mesmerizing continuous representation that makes me feel very much like invited I felt when I looked at your eyes for the first time. Read more – ‘Love and the Indian Buffet Process’.
Inestimable faces
I'm about to embark on a deeply inspiring journey, setting in motion what promises to help save lives and help those experiencing the rough side of life. I am happy with the decision I eventually made, and have emerged from my ordeal stronger than I have ever been, secure with the backing of those that love me and inspired by a calling that is extraordinarily powerful. Read more – ‘Inestimable faces’.
Myrrh & frankincenses in classical music & statistics
Music is living proof that every human being is synesthetic, with something resembling a Gaussian distribution. We frequently project our own thoughts and feelings to what we're listening, attaching the deep inner recesses of our minds to a patch of cumulus clouds that can majestically and profoundly glide over what we truly love, assigning values to them, making us the emotional creatures that we are. Their power to profoundly impact and shape your mindset, from prodding you to inspired action to celebrating what is most dear to you, from lifting you the lows and vicissitudes of life to one that forces a sense of balance, a sense of proportion and a feeling of peace and tranquility is probably the most abundant manifestation yet of a power and force that is above and beyond our understanding. Read more – ‘Myrrh & frankincenses in classical music & statistics’.

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