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The Discipline of Compassion & De Finetti's Theorem
The elements of compassion as a joint distribution is an instrument that speaks about recognizing and staring at pain and suffering in its face. Being mindful that not getting sucked into the pain and suffering of the self and others when one realizes that the instrument of compassion in the self is unbound to ego and self-delusion. And in this moment of some clarity is a realization that when compassion is not tied to ego or self-delusion, it uses discernment for how it is dispensed towards others. Sometimes true compassion towards an obstinate child throwing incorrigible tantrums is to let the child fall and learn a lesson. Sometimes, true compassion towards tyranny means just and peaceful ways of finding change. Read more – ‘The Discipline of Compassion & De Finetti's Theorem’.
untitled-1 It is in this grateful spirit, singing along the voice of Subbulakshmi, that I must give thanks this year to five noble souls that have impacted my life in mysterious, yet profoundly meaningful ways. They are each very ,very old souls, manifestly clear that this life is not their first rodeo on this planet, for it feels as if I know them for many millennia. How in the universe the forces of serendipity and effortless rapprochement could have made me the recipient of their boundless affection and love is a secret locked away in the misty eons of time and of space. Sometimes it is not necessary to look far into the misty eons of the future; it is sufficient to recognize and appreciate the bliss of the present, for meaning is the same golden thread that ties space and time as a continuum. I give each of them a Sanskrit name and associate them with a statistical distribution. Read more – ‘Madhyamāvati’.
Puṇya Kōti & Compassion
Listening to this great soul sing is experiencing the flow of delicate and ethereal waves, awakening the awareness of layers upon layers of consciousness, an ornate orchestration of compassion; an ascending improvisation of virtues, and a cascading unlocking of dopamine, serotonin and oxytocin gates in the brain. A voice formed not just by anatomical goodness, but also by the rigor and discipline of the mind and a spirit as deep as the deepest ocean and as liberal as the sapphire blue sky Read more – ‘Puṇya Kōti & Compassion’.
An Equivalenace of Guṇas & Box's Loop
Almost three years later, after many trysts with probabilistic graphical models, I find myself in the southern city of Atlanta, where I will be joining the extraordinary Matthew Nock in delivering a keynote address to the American Association of Suicidology. How in the world a skinny brown boy working on approximate posterior inference and tensor spectral methods can find himself in a community of advanced clinical psychologists studying the most devastating and dark mysteries of the human psyche – suicide and self-harm – is not at all very clear. Read more – ‘An Equivalenace of Guṇas & Box's Loop’.
Dustin Arthur Smith
Your emotional, social and scientific intelligence were all legions ahead of the vast majority of people. Day to day and chore by chore, you carried yourself at a level of elegance and humanity that I have not seen in any individual in all my time here in Cambridge. I am going to pray for you and everyone you knew. The good and noble forces at work in the world, of which you were such a wonderful ambassador, surely owes us a presence at this time. I don't know why you had to leave us so early - why you were snatched from us, and how we are ever going to deal with this large lacuna in our lives. Read more – ‘Dustin Arthur Smith’.

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