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Puṇya Kōti & Compassion
Listening to this great soul sing is experiencing the flow of delicate and ethereal waves, awakening the awareness of layers upon layers of consciousness, an ornate orchestration of compassion; an ascending improvisation of virtues, and a cascading unlocking of dopamine, serotonin and oxytocin gates in the brain. A voice formed not just by anatomical goodness, but also by the rigor and discipline of the mind and a spirit as deep as the deepest ocean and as liberal as the sapphire blue sky Read more – ‘Puṇya Kōti & Compassion’.
An Equivalenace of Guṇas & Box's Loop
Almost three years later, after many trysts with probabilistic graphical models, I find myself in the southern city of Atlanta, where I will be joining the extraordinary Matthew Nock in delivering a keynote address to the American Association of Suicidology. How in the world a skinny brown boy working on approximate posterior inference and tensor spectral methods can find himself in a community of advanced clinical psychologists studying the most devastating and dark mysteries of the human psyche – suicide and self-harm – is not at all very clear. Read more – ‘An Equivalenace of Guṇas & Box's Loop’.
Dustin Arthur Smith
Your emotional, social and scientific intelligence were all legions ahead of the vast majority of people. Day to day and chore by chore, you carried yourself at a level of elegance and humanity that I have not seen in any individual in all my time here in Cambridge. I am going to pray for you and everyone you knew. The good and noble forces at work in the world, of which you were such a wonderful ambassador, surely owes us a presence at this time. I don't know why you had to leave us so early - why you were snatched from us, and how we are ever going to deal with this large lacuna in our lives. Read more – ‘Dustin Arthur Smith’.
Good karma never fails. Akin to a generative bayesian framework that expands with great and stoic generalization, our ability to put ourselves in others' shoes, our ability to lend a helping hand, to give others the real notion that they are understood are our only and best weapon against the tyranny of the dark forces in the world. Read more – ‘Mitfreude’.
The Three Eyes
There's something extraordinary about those that love us unconditionally. We often take them for granted, but they are the ones whose kindness and sagacity protect us from harm when we are in crises. No loops of enumeration are enough, no lexicon sufficient to describe the depth and bliss of having them in our lives. I've seen this first hand, and it has given me new and deep meaning in my life and has reinforced a timeless turn of phrase - gratitude and appreciation of our parents, our siblings and our friends are what makes us, for no one ever achieved anything but for them. Read more – ‘The Three Eyes’.

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